[kde-linux] Kate Toolbars (Again)

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Tue Nov 21 03:50:31 UTC 2006

This problem *appears* to be fixed in KDE 3.5.5.  I've played around 
with it a bit and it works better than it did.  I'll have to wait and 
see if it's completely fixed.


On Sunday 19 November 2006 13:58, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> I'm still having trouble with Kate toolbars, but now I can predict
> what's going on, and it seems like there's a problem with a pointer
> somewhere, so this may help.  I don't program in C or C++ and I'm
> self taught.  I've had problems filing bug reports before on open
> source projects, so I don't want to file a bug report until I feel
> like I have enough to give a good description and someone here can
> tell me if I'm providing useful information.  (In the past, in
> OpenOffice and a few other programs, I've filed bug, tried to give a
> good description, and was criticized by in the response.  It's
> happened a couple times, with comments being for different reasons,
> but it's led me to think that developers tend to want an excuse to
> close the bug more than a reason to fix it, and if that means blaming
> the messenger, do it that way.)
> I'm using Kate and KDE 3.5.2 in Kubuntu Dapper Drake (I think that's
> Kubuntu 5.04).  I may be upgrading soon to Edgy Eft, but I don't like
> upgrading until a release has been out for a while so the initial
> bugs are fixed.
> Here's the problem:
> Originally when I used edited toolbars that were set to give me what
> I wanted, the toolbars would be different for each text file.  I went
> through .kde/share/apps and killed all the Kate config files and also
> in .kde/share/config and did the same thing.  That way I started Kate
> with no config at all.  For a while it worked.  The toolbars remained
> constant.  Then I added the Reload icon to the Kate Part view tool
> bar and trouble started.  All files got the same new toolbar, which
> was what I wanted.  However, when I switched from one file to
> another, I noticed the toolbar changed.  I finally was able to track
> down what was happening.  The Kate Main toolbar is on the left,
> followed by the Kate Part toolbar.  The Part toolbar starts moving
> one icon to the left each time I change a file, until the Main
> toolbar is gone.  While this is happening the Main toolbar icons will
> show up at the right end of the icons, but not in order.  As I keep
> switching files, all the Part toolbar icons will "slide" off the left
> until all I'm left with are the original Main toolbar icons, in their
> original order.
> It seems to me there is a problem with tracking a pointer.  Again,
> I'm not a C programmer, but I do use Java and Perl.  My guess is that
> a pointer for the icons is using 1 or 0 for the start of the icon
> list when it should be using the other (i.e. using 1 instead of 0 or
> using 0 instead of 1), but that's just a guess.
> There are some bugs that look close to this, but I'm not sure if it's
> the same one, and this could be fixed in the next version above 3.5.2
> (is there one without going to KDE 4 beta?).
> If anyone has ideas how I can fix this irritation (and it is a big
> one for me and the way I work), it would be appreciated.  I'd rather
> wait a few more weeks before upgrading to Edgy Eft.
> Thanks for any feedback or suggestions in filing bug reports on this.
> Hal
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