[kde-linux] Kate Toolbars (Again)

Scott Couston - Registration Account alpha096 at tpg.com.au
Mon Nov 20 06:39:48 UTC 2006

Dear Hal,

Sorry to be unclear - by 'upmarket' and depending on how you want to use
Kate you might like to try one of the KDE-Linux development mailing

I suppose whilst there are some very talented people you might hear from
Tomorrow, Monday in USA, 
if you re-frame your question. This list is mainly for people using KDE
applications 'as is' and sometimes really there are really neat fixes
that by-pass GUI, however in absence
of a reply from a re-framed question a development list may be the one
to choose. 

I dont personally need to use more than 2 lists, so I have little
experience in directing you one of the many many many lists available.

You may well in-dead get a solid reply from this list with a re-framed
question or
you may know in your mind that a re-framed question may be better served
by a development list.

I am sure others will contribute tomorrow or when the US wake up and all
the admins have some spare time at work.

Good Luck - I hope this has been of some help.


On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 00:15 -0500, Hal Vaughan wrote:

> On Sunday 19 November 2006 22:13, Scott Couston - Registration Account 
> wrote:
> > Dear Hal.
> >
> > You probably have not got any replies because I have no idea what you
> > are trying to achieve and what you are doing with Kate.
> I'm trying to be able to have a different toolbar on the Kate window 
> than the default one.  While editing, I want to be able to use my own 
> buttons on Kate.  I've been using Kate for years and this has been an 
> issue for somewhere from 2-3 years.  I've been moving back and forth 
> from Kate for Perl to Eclipse for Java.  (And as for the time, I've 
> asked about this on other sites and forums, but not yet had any useful 
> answers.)  
> This started with a smaller problem: Whenever I loaded a file into Kate, 
> it was unpredictable what order the toolbar icons would be in when the 
> file loaded.  If I went to Settings->Configure Toolbars and moved one 
> icon up and down in the edit windows, then saved it, I would get a 
> toolbar I could use.  There seemed to be no consistency with toolbar 
> icons and their orders, though, and some icons would be left off.  If I 
> switched from one file to another, the icon order would be different on 
> the toolbar for each file.
> I posted the earlier problem here and someone suggested deleting the 
> metainfo and sessions files.  That didn't help, so I deleted all the 
> configuration files and let Kate rebuild them.  Everything worked fine 
> and my toolbar icons were consistent for the first time in years.  Then 
> I tried to add the Reload icon to the Kate Part toolbar and that's when 
> the behavior I describe father down happened.
> > With respect to reporting bugs the moment you start be saying you
> > deleted or edited a config file  - you will get in immediate close
> > invalid.
> Aren't the applications capable of rebuilding config files to a default 
> setting if there are none?  What is the difference between me deleting 
> my config files and starting over and creating a new account, which 
> would have none of the config files until I run KDE and/or Kate from 
> that account?
> > If you report a bug, just outline the steps you use via the GUI and
> > ONLY edit a config file or supply it at the request of KDE.
> > The moment you cease to become the user and NOT use the GUI as it is
> > intended KDE will not talk to you ever.
> I realize you're telling me this to help me, so this is not aimed at 
> you, but in almost every FOSS project I've used, it seems there are 
> different standards for bug reports and as a user of those programs, 
> most people don't have time to learn the quirks and rules each project 
> has.
> > I would suggest that you frame your question something like this.
> > Remember with bug reports you are reporting errors on the application
> > as it appears as a GUI and you a user, if you start reporting bugs
> > saying you are altering config files you will get no where fast.
> Okay, in this case, deleting the config files -- should that not just 
> leave Kate thinking I'm a new user and building default config files?  
> In other words, is the problem here more that I'm dabbling where users 
> should not be as opposed to me having hosed the system?
> >
> > In respect to you issue with KATE please try something like the
> > following but more elaborate
> >
> > My task is to perform ???????????? and XXXXXXXXXXXX
> > I a using kate in order to ??????
> > The problem with kate in its original form is ????????????
> > So I have deleted the ??????????????
> > Which has caused ???????????????
> > Only trouble is ???????????
> >
> > Any ideas how I can stop ?????????????? happening so I can use Kate
> > in this way.
> >
> > If you do not get a response after framing the problem you are going
> > to need a more upmarket mailing list.
> What do you mean by upmarket?
> Thanks.
> Hal
> > Kind Regards and G'Day from OZ Scott
> >
> > On Sun, 2006-11-19 at 13:58 -0500, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > > I'm still having trouble with Kate toolbars, but now I can predict
> > > what's going on, and it seems like there's a problem with a pointer
> > > somewhere, so this may help.  I don't program in C or C++ and I'm
> > > self taught.  I've had problems filing bug reports before on open
> > > source projects, so I don't want to file a bug report until I feel
> > > like I have enough to give a good description and someone here can
> > > tell me if I'm providing useful information.  (In the past, in
> > > OpenOffice and a few other programs, I've filed bug, tried to give
> > > a good description, and was criticized by in the response.  It's
> > > happened a couple times, with comments being for different reasons,
> > > but it's led me to think that developers tend to want an excuse to
> > > close the bug more than a reason to fix it, and if that means
> > > blaming the messenger, do it that way.)
> > >
> > > I'm using Kate and KDE 3.5.2 in Kubuntu Dapper Drake (I think
> > > that's Kubuntu 5.04).  I may be upgrading soon to Edgy Eft, but I
> > > don't like upgrading until a release has been out for a while so
> > > the initial bugs are fixed.
> > >
> > > Here's the problem:
> > >
> > > Originally when I used edited toolbars that were set to give me
> > > what I wanted, the toolbars would be different for each text file. 
> > > I went through .kde/share/apps and killed all the Kate config files
> > > and also in .kde/share/config and did the same thing.  That way I
> > > started Kate with no config at all.  For a while it worked.  The
> > > toolbars remained constant.  Then I added the Reload icon to the
> > > Kate Part view tool bar and trouble started.  All files got the
> > > same new toolbar, which was what I wanted.  However, when I
> > > switched from one file to another, I noticed the toolbar changed. 
> > > I finally was able to track down what was happening.  The Kate Main
> > > toolbar is on the left, followed by the Kate Part toolbar.  The
> > > Part toolbar starts moving one icon to the left each time I change
> > > a file, until the Main toolbar is gone.  While this is happening
> > > the Main toolbar icons will show up at the right end of the icons,
> > > but not in order.  As I keep switching files, all the Part toolbar
> > > icons will "slide" off the left until all I'm left with are the
> > > original Main toolbar icons, in their original order.
> > >
> > > It seems to me there is a problem with tracking a pointer.  Again,
> > > I'm not a C programmer, but I do use Java and Perl.  My guess is
> > > that a pointer for the icons is using 1 or 0 for the start of the
> > > icon list when it should be using the other (i.e. using 1 instead
> > > of 0 or using 0 instead of 1), but that's just a guess.
> > >
> > > There are some bugs that look close to this, but I'm not sure if
> > > it's the same one, and this could be fixed in the next version
> > > above 3.5.2 (is there one without going to KDE 4 beta?).
> > >
> > > If anyone has ideas how I can fix this irritation (and it is a big
> > > one for me and the way I work), it would be appreciated.  I'd
> > > rather wait a few more weeks before upgrading to Edgy Eft.
> > >
> > > Thanks for any feedback or suggestions in filing bug reports on
> > > this.
> > >
> > > Hal
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