[kde-linux] Kate Toolbars (Again)

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Mon Nov 20 05:15:35 UTC 2006

On Sunday 19 November 2006 22:13, Scott Couston - Registration Account 
> Dear Hal.
> You probably have not got any replies because I have no idea what you
> are trying to achieve and what you are doing with Kate.

I'm trying to be able to have a different toolbar on the Kate window 
than the default one.  While editing, I want to be able to use my own 
buttons on Kate.  I've been using Kate for years and this has been an 
issue for somewhere from 2-3 years.  I've been moving back and forth 
from Kate for Perl to Eclipse for Java.  (And as for the time, I've 
asked about this on other sites and forums, but not yet had any useful 

This started with a smaller problem: Whenever I loaded a file into Kate, 
it was unpredictable what order the toolbar icons would be in when the 
file loaded.  If I went to Settings->Configure Toolbars and moved one 
icon up and down in the edit windows, then saved it, I would get a 
toolbar I could use.  There seemed to be no consistency with toolbar 
icons and their orders, though, and some icons would be left off.  If I 
switched from one file to another, the icon order would be different on 
the toolbar for each file.

I posted the earlier problem here and someone suggested deleting the 
metainfo and sessions files.  That didn't help, so I deleted all the 
configuration files and let Kate rebuild them.  Everything worked fine 
and my toolbar icons were consistent for the first time in years.  Then 
I tried to add the Reload icon to the Kate Part toolbar and that's when 
the behavior I describe father down happened.

> With respect to reporting bugs the moment you start be saying you
> deleted or edited a config file  - you will get in immediate close
> invalid.

Aren't the applications capable of rebuilding config files to a default 
setting if there are none?  What is the difference between me deleting 
my config files and starting over and creating a new account, which 
would have none of the config files until I run KDE and/or Kate from 
that account?

> If you report a bug, just outline the steps you use via the GUI and
> ONLY edit a config file or supply it at the request of KDE.
> The moment you cease to become the user and NOT use the GUI as it is
> intended KDE will not talk to you ever.

I realize you're telling me this to help me, so this is not aimed at 
you, but in almost every FOSS project I've used, it seems there are 
different standards for bug reports and as a user of those programs, 
most people don't have time to learn the quirks and rules each project 

> I would suggest that you frame your question something like this.
> Remember with bug reports you are reporting errors on the application
> as it appears as a GUI and you a user, if you start reporting bugs
> saying you are altering config files you will get no where fast.

Okay, in this case, deleting the config files -- should that not just 
leave Kate thinking I'm a new user and building default config files?  
In other words, is the problem here more that I'm dabbling where users 
should not be as opposed to me having hosed the system?

> In respect to you issue with KATE please try something like the
> following but more elaborate
> My task is to perform ???????????? and XXXXXXXXXXXX
> I a using kate in order to ??????
> The problem with kate in its original form is ????????????
> So I have deleted the ??????????????
> Which has caused ???????????????
> Only trouble is ???????????
> Any ideas how I can stop ?????????????? happening so I can use Kate
> in this way.
> If you do not get a response after framing the problem you are going
> to need a more upmarket mailing list.

What do you mean by upmarket?



> Kind Regards and G'Day from OZ Scott
> On Sun, 2006-11-19 at 13:58 -0500, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > I'm still having trouble with Kate toolbars, but now I can predict
> > what's going on, and it seems like there's a problem with a pointer
> > somewhere, so this may help.  I don't program in C or C++ and I'm
> > self taught.  I've had problems filing bug reports before on open
> > source projects, so I don't want to file a bug report until I feel
> > like I have enough to give a good description and someone here can
> > tell me if I'm providing useful information.  (In the past, in
> > OpenOffice and a few other programs, I've filed bug, tried to give
> > a good description, and was criticized by in the response.  It's
> > happened a couple times, with comments being for different reasons,
> > but it's led me to think that developers tend to want an excuse to
> > close the bug more than a reason to fix it, and if that means
> > blaming the messenger, do it that way.)
> >
> > I'm using Kate and KDE 3.5.2 in Kubuntu Dapper Drake (I think
> > that's Kubuntu 5.04).  I may be upgrading soon to Edgy Eft, but I
> > don't like upgrading until a release has been out for a while so
> > the initial bugs are fixed.
> >
> > Here's the problem:
> >
> > Originally when I used edited toolbars that were set to give me
> > what I wanted, the toolbars would be different for each text file. 
> > I went through .kde/share/apps and killed all the Kate config files
> > and also in .kde/share/config and did the same thing.  That way I
> > started Kate with no config at all.  For a while it worked.  The
> > toolbars remained constant.  Then I added the Reload icon to the
> > Kate Part view tool bar and trouble started.  All files got the
> > same new toolbar, which was what I wanted.  However, when I
> > switched from one file to another, I noticed the toolbar changed. 
> > I finally was able to track down what was happening.  The Kate Main
> > toolbar is on the left, followed by the Kate Part toolbar.  The
> > Part toolbar starts moving one icon to the left each time I change
> > a file, until the Main toolbar is gone.  While this is happening
> > the Main toolbar icons will show up at the right end of the icons,
> > but not in order.  As I keep switching files, all the Part toolbar
> > icons will "slide" off the left until all I'm left with are the
> > original Main toolbar icons, in their original order.
> >
> > It seems to me there is a problem with tracking a pointer.  Again,
> > I'm not a C programmer, but I do use Java and Perl.  My guess is
> > that a pointer for the icons is using 1 or 0 for the start of the
> > icon list when it should be using the other (i.e. using 1 instead
> > of 0 or using 0 instead of 1), but that's just a guess.
> >
> > There are some bugs that look close to this, but I'm not sure if
> > it's the same one, and this could be fixed in the next version
> > above 3.5.2 (is there one without going to KDE 4 beta?).
> >
> > If anyone has ideas how I can fix this irritation (and it is a big
> > one for me and the way I work), it would be appreciated.  I'd
> > rather wait a few more weeks before upgrading to Edgy Eft.
> >
> > Thanks for any feedback or suggestions in filing bug reports on
> > this.
> >
> > Hal
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