[kde-linux] How to install Flash Player?

Jim Osborn jimo at eskimo.com
Thu Mar 23 00:34:38 UTC 2006

I must be overlooking something obvious, but Konqueror is ignoring
the Flash plugin I just downloaded from Adobe and manually installed
as follows (per the Adobe instructions):

unzipped the adobe tarball
copied flashplayer.xpt and libflashplayer.so to /opt/plugins
chmod 755 both files
in Konqueror Settings->Configure Konqueror->Plugins:
  made sure /opt/plugins is in the path list
  clicked the Scan for New Plugins button
  clicked OK
started a new Konqueror
visited the Adobe/Macromedia Flash Player Settings Manager page
see the message:
          This content requires Flash
       Download the free Flash Player now!

I've tried putting the two files in $HOME/.netscape/plugins, with the
same lack of recognition.

The Adobe installer file doesn't seem to set any environment variables
(it's aimed at mozilla, netscape, and opera, of course), and the
Konqueror plugin settings box has always done the job before.

What's the trick?

I'm using KDE 3.4.2.



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