[kde-linux] Problem with Autostart

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Mar 14 05:24:42 UTC 2006

Rich Gilson wrote:
> My X server is dual headed and I have two differnt desktops that get started 
> when I boot up.  My problem is that if I put anything in the Autostart 
> folder, it launches it twice - once for each desktop.  Yes, the application 
> is closed down when I shutdown the machine, so I know it's not just starting 
> twice because it was left running when I shut down the last time.
> How do I stop KDE from launching the Autostart items twice?

Even though you have two heads, I will first ask the standard question:

What is your setting in the Control Center:

	Kde Components -> Session Manager :: "On Login"

Try choosing: "Start with an empty session" and see if this fixes the 


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