[kde-linux] Icons in Executables

theUser BL theuserbl at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 8 13:14:03 UTC 2006


Is it possible, that you integrate in executables Icons, which you can see 
with Konquerer.
Something which is possible in MS-Windows since Windows 1.0. And something, 
which has also exists in BeOS (which used like Linux the ELF-file format.

The problem is the follwing:
There existing a lot of icons on the desktop, but they are combined there. 
That means, there is a link-adress to an executable and a link-address to an 
icon, that are so combined, that after clicking on the icon, which you see 
on the desktop, the execuatbele will be started.

But if you navigate with the Konquerer through the directories, then you can 
see icons for directories, text-files and so. Also you can see pictures in 
small. But executable programs are all looking the same.

If you run such a program, it can be having icons, which you see after you 
run it. So, that it is the symbol if you minimize the program or so. But 
befor you run the program, you canĀ“t see it.

I think that have something to do with the file-format. But BeOS used also 
the ELF-Format and in the executale files were icons, which you could see 
with the Tracker.

Woudn't it possible, that you also creates execuitable files, in which are 
icons, which can be seen with Konquerer.

MS-Windows goes a step more forward ahead. There you can see descriptions of 
the executables (*.exe) and libraries (*.dll) which are integrated in the 
files, without executing them.

I thing all like this would also be nice for Linux.

At minimum icons for executable are needed I think.

I have also heard from some people, that this would not a good idea, because 
it would be possible, that anybody gives an executable an icon which looks 
like a text-file icon an so.
And the information which is an executable and which not, would be more 
important than to have icons. So there would be a security problem if icons 
for executables comes.
But I don't see the problem. Because it would be possible, that Konquerer 
creates around the icons of executables a colored frame, so that there 
existing icons for executables _and_ you can see, which files are 
executables and which not.

An "argument" against it I have heard is, that icons of execuatables don't 
change, if the KDE-theme or -style have changed.
But the current situation is the same. For example in the KDE-menu under 
"games" the program "ksokoban" have a crystal as symbol. But that also not 
changed if you change the theme.
So it would be no negative effect, if you integrate the icons so in 
execuatables, that Konquerer can "see" and show it.


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