[kde-linux] Icons in Executables

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Mar 8 18:22:54 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 08 March 2006 14:14, theUser BL wrote:

> Is it possible, that you integrate in executables Icons, which you can see
> with Konquerer.

Assuming that there is a standard for icons in executables, i.e. a fixed 
offset where they can be found, it shouldn't be a technical problem to create 
a thumbnail creator plugin for KDE.

> The problem is the follwing:
> There existing a lot of icons on the desktop, but they are combined there.
> That means, there is a link-adress to an executable and a link-address to
> an icon, that are so combined, that after clicking on the icon, which you
> see on the desktop, the execuatbele will be started.
> But if you navigate with the Konquerer through the directories, then you
> can see icons for directories, text-files and so. Also you can see pictures
> in small. But executable programs are all looking the same.

Well, usually executables are in directories where users do not browse to, 
because they only contains executables, which are rather uninteresting 
items :)

> I think that have something to do with the file-format. But BeOS used also
> the ELF-Format and in the executale files were icons, which you could see
> with the Tracker.

Maybe they use an extendend format specification.

> Woudn't it possible, that you also creates execuitable files, in which are
> icons, which can be seen with Konquerer.

No idea, sounds like a question for the compiler developers.

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