[kde-linux] Urgent!! Keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys for an application

neha gupta nehaiitd at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 14:15:49 UTC 2006


I want to set some keyboard shortcuts to start an application from keyboard.

But I can't use windowmanager dependent applications like khotkeys in KDE
and gconftool-2 in GNOME etc for this.

SetMnemonics in Qt work only when application window has focus. But this is
not the case...I do not have focus on my application. Rather I want it to
come up and get focus.

Now someone please tell me if some Xlib functions or anything else can be
used. And by the way..what methods are khotkeys and gconftool using to do
this...May be I could use the same functions....

Please reply as I need it verry urgently.
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