[kde-linux] Auto Login

Peter Billson Pete at ELBnet.com
Sat Mar 4 15:02:35 UTC 2006

Hello all,
    I have an intermittent AutoLogin/AutoReLogin problem when using KDM 
with LTSP.

    The AutoLogin works perfectly 99.99% of the time but every so often 
a single workstation will not AutoLogin and falls back to the normal 
Greeter login prompt.

   Nothing I try will get the AutoLogin to work - i.e. rebooting, 
killing all the user's processes, removing and recreating the user's 
home directory, etc.

   However, I can log the user in manually and after the manual login 
the AutoLogin will then again function correctly - i.e. if I kill the X 
session or reboot the workstation.

   The problem usually is initiated by an X server crash.

   I am running kdm from Debian Sarge (KDM version 3.3.2)

My kdmrc file has entries such as:

   Any suggestions where to look would be appreciated.

Pete Billson
ELB Internet Service, Inc.
Web Design, Computer Consulting, Internet Hosting

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