[kde-linux] KDE 3.5.3 Printing Problem

William Bradley wbradley at w3connex.ca
Thu Jun 8 23:06:33 UTC 2006

Thomas Taylor wrote:
>>>>>> snip <<<<<
> Okay, from the command line (as root) type "system-config-printer" (without 
> the quotes).  This will open the printer setup dialogs.  You should be able 
> to answer most of the questions.  If you have any questions about that send 
> us another message.
>>From your messages, I will assume you have probably only used windows 
> previously, in which case you've always been in a gui environment.
> The linux "root" user (or the super-user) is what the "administrator" is in 
> windows, the user who can cause lots of trouble and problems if they don't 
> know exactly what they are doing.  

Hi Tom, tried the above and got this answer: "system-config-printer: 
command not found" and I was "root".

Kubuntu has a lot I like but it is "light" and the gui version installs 
from a live disk this time around. Frankly, I have spent too much time 
trying to get this to work. I have Suse 10.0 on a slower machine as a 
test  --- which was my system of choice previously  --- and move it over 
as my main system on the faster machine.

What system do you use?

> P.S. - I notice you're from Canada.  What part?  I used to have farm property 
> back in Ontario and have made several trips up to British Columbia.

We live in the country about 40 miles south of Ottawa, in Ontario. Been 
here for 33 years. Just a few week ago I finally got a tower near enough 
to me that I was able to update to wireless broadband. It is more 
expensive but what you get for the money, for me anyway, makes it 

A couple of years ago my wife and I spent two winters in Victoria. They 
were cutting grass in January and it was minus 35 at home in Ontario.

All the best, Bill.

William Bradley,
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