[kde-linux] Problem with Yamaha engraver SCSI-CDR-400t under K3B.

LMa ludovicmarchetti at web.de
Wed Jun 7 17:41:58 UTC 2006

Hello everybody !

Problem with Yamaha engraver SCSI-CDR-400t under K3B.

I sport:
Software: Knoppix 3.9 Kernel 2.6.11
with KDE 3.4
K3B 0.11.20
As I'm not such an experienced Linux user, I basically work with GUI's 
under KDE
(however with easy tips, I guess I should be able to manage it in the 
console ;-)

I have a problem with K3B. My Yamaha engraver SCSI-CDR-400t isn't 
perfectly harmonizing with the above described operating environment.
K3B doesn't display the CD contents or the CD information right from the 
first click on the icon in the tree structure; sometimes it doesn't show 
anything even after clicking several times. Sometimes it shows contents 
in the lefthand side of the K3B explorer but says "No disk" on the 
righthand side; sometimes it shows contents on both sides but, when you 
right-click on the drive icon and then on "Disk information" in the 
context menu, it says "No disk".
Attempts to burn sometimes lead to the notification "Found media: no 
media", although a CD-R is in; when they are "Forced", they do work out.

On the contrary, the same drive was perfectly integrated into the same 
K3B program (0.11.20) under Debian Sarge 3.1 (Debian Kernel 2.4.27 and 
KDE 3.3.2).
I noticed however that, in "K3B setup" the settings of "External 
programs" were different under Knoppix 3.9 and under Debian 3.1: for 
instance the permissions of "cdrdao" and "cdrecord" are "4711 root.root" 
under Debian 3.1 and "0755 root.root" under Knoppix 3.9.

I know I can change the "root.root"-setting directly in the in "K3B 
setup"-module (for instance to "root.cdrom" or "root.disk"),
first question: in which file can the "4711" setting be changed (ideally 
to to "0755", as a test - for I would like to know if it has an effect)?

Second question: is there anything else I can do to better integrate my 

Thank you very much for your help.


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