[kde-linux] [OT] KDE needs money

Stephan Gromer stephan.gromer at gmx.de
Mon Jul 24 11:28:05 UTC 2006

Dear Anne,

>> [...] (http://www.pro-linux.de/news/2006/9994.html) that KDE needs
>> money to [...] Information about donations can be found here
>> http://www.kde.org/support/support.php [..]

> For those of us with poor language skills, could you please translate the
> following:
> Bankleitzahl:            (8 Ziffern)

Bankleitzahl (or short BLZ) = Bank code number (it is a number unique to each bank, so it identifies
the bank (at least within Germany))

> Kontonummer:             (1-10 Ziffern)
= Account number

> Kontonummer bestätigen:                  (1-10 Ziffern)
This means: Please confirm the Account number

I guess you came across this language problem while using PayPal. Probably someone at
KDE should make a Payal Account available that uses other user
languages (thats why I CC'd this to Mirko Boehm)?!
Actually I don't know if your attempt will work. It may be easier to
open a PayPal-Account at PayPal directly (in your language) and then
return to the link at the KDE siteand just log in.
(I did my donation using old fashioned online bank transfer ;))


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