[kde-linux] Using Konqueror tabs, missing time zones, docs showing up twice in lists, resources for newbie?

Andrew Walbran qwandor at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 04:58:21 UTC 2006

On Sunday 23 July 2006 9:24 am, hugh wrote:
> Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to ask before: In jwm you can right-click on
> the border of an application's window, or on the application's icon in
> the taskbar, and kill it - not just close it nicely but kill. Is there a
> way to do that (other than issuing a kill command from console or alt-F2
> run command)?
If you click the close button and the application doesn't close after a few 
seconds, kwin should detect this and ask if you want to kill the program.

Other possibilities are Alt+F2 and run xkill (or assign a keyboard shortcut to 
run xkill), or Ctrl+Esc and use 'KDE System Gaurd' to kill the program.

> I found that switching fonts and font sizes through the control center
> is nice and simple, as are so many things [can do almost TOO much
> configuring and playing around possible - I'll never get any work done
> :) ]. However, the one font I really want to change doesn't respond to
> any of those categories: the font used inside konqueror's file display
> pane (the right pane I mean, where the folders and files are shown), as
> well as the desktop items - I think it is the same. Both are just a
> little too small for comfort. Clicking on the zoom button in konqueror
> just increases icon size, not font size at all.
Open Konqueror, go to Settings->Configure Konqueror...->Appearance.

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