[kde-linux] Using Konqueror tabs, missing time zones, docs showing up twice in lists, resources for newbie?

hugh hugh at apocalypse.org
Sat Jul 22 21:24:24 UTC 2006

Thank you Thomas!

Thomas Debe wrote:
>> ==> Using tabs in Konqueror:
> Strg+,   Strg+.
> Look at kcontrol->Region->Shortcuts->Navigation
Ok, I figured out that Strg = Ctrl, and it does just what I was hoping 
to find, and knowing that there is much more to kcontrol than I realized 
will be a great help! That is the kind of thing I meant by not knowing 
how to approach kde, how to know where to find things. Cool :)

> Konqueror->Options->Webshortcuts.
> There are a lot of preconfigured Shortcuts.
Ha, you aren't kidding! AND the documentation tells you how to construct 
searches, something I had to just play with in opera to figure out. Such 
a great assortment. This keeps getting better and better :D

Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to ask before: In jwm you can right-click on 
the border of an application's window, or on the application's icon in 
the taskbar, and kill it - not just close it nicely but kill. Is there a 
way to do that (other than issuing a kill command from console or alt-F2 
run command)?

When I run the konsole it doesn't source my .bashrc file - how do I set 
it up to do so? where does it look?

I found that switching fonts and font sizes through the control center 
is nice and simple, as are so many things [can do almost TOO much 
configuring and playing around possible - I'll never get any work done 
:) ]. However, the one font I really want to change doesn't respond to 
any of those categories: the font used inside konqueror's file display 
pane (the right pane I mean, where the folders and files are shown), as 
well as the desktop items - I think it is the same. Both are just a 
little too small for comfort. Clicking on the zoom button in konqueror 
just increases icon size, not font size at all.

Even though I'm getting hung up on a few small issues like these I've 
solved many more rather quickly because kde is so well laid out. I'm 
truly blown away.

Thank you for whatever help or clues you might be able to offer :)

> Thomas
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