[kde-linux] Using Konqueror tabs, missing time zones, docs showing up twice in lists, resources for newbie?

Thomas Debe sert_delta at gmx.de
Sun Jul 23 00:18:59 UTC 2006

Am Samstag, 22. Juli 2006 10:28 schrieb hugh:
Hello !
> ==> What are some good places to look for answers to questions like
> those that follow? 

You are at the right place.


> ==> Using tabs in Konqueror:
Strg+,   Strg+.
Look at kcontrol->Region->Shortcuts->Navigation

> ==> Shortcuts and searches in Konqueror:
This is called Web Shortcut at Konqueror.
There are a lot of preconfigured Shortcuts.
> Thank you in advance for both any answers or suggestions (rtfm is a fine
> suggestion, but please help me FIND tfm), and for your patience with my
> lack of knowledge.
> Fitzhugh
> Berkeley CA
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