[kde-linux] Using Konqueror tabs, missing time zones, docs showing up twice in lists, resources for newbie?

hugh hugh at apocalypse.org
Sat Jul 22 08:28:10 UTC 2006

I've just installed KDE on puppy linux, first exposure to kde, and 
pretty new to linux, but comfortable finding my way around linux in 
general (still learning kde, on the other hand).

First off, I'm incredibly impressed with what I've stumbled upon. Puppy 
linux is a small/rather minimalist usually live CD distribution. Another 
puppy linux user made a package that adds a number of things, including 
open office and kde. I thought I was just going to see another window 
manager, one that would no doubt be prettier than JWM, the default, but 
most likely harder to use than JWM, with the menus and everything all 
customized for the distro. Instead I found that yes, it definitely looks 
a LOT nicer, but it is both even easier to use AND, to my great 
surprise, includes a large number of apps and utilities that I didn't 
expect. Now I see that it is referred to as a desktop environment, not a 
window manager... A very cool surprise!

Still, I'm having a few problems I don't know how to solve and would 
greatly appreciate some pointers.

==> What are some good places to look for answers to questions like 
those that follow? I'm in the habit of scrounging for answers on my own 
before asking but with kde I was unable to find places to look. The only 
faq I found:
is rather minimal, covering a wide range scope but in a shallow manner.

==> Konqueror displays some entries twice in the left pane. I believe 
this is limited to docs, but am not clear on this. Here are some 
screenshots  of examples:

Notice that not all are doubled, just most (i.e. applet manuals, 
kioslapves. Oh, wait - they ARE doubled, just not in order):

Notice "UNIX manual pages" is repeated twice:

As seen when building search index on help documents:

I'm afraid I don't even know where to begin looking for why this is 
happening. Any suggestions on what I can check or what might cause this?

==> Using tabs in Konqueror:
I would like to check out Konquerer in more detail as a web browser, but 
I find I constantly use tabs while browsing. I can't figure out how to 
switch between tabs via the keyboard, rather than mouse. In fact, the 
usual keys assigned in Opera for this are <Ctrl> <Tab>, which switches 
between desktops in kde! I reassigned some keys in opera so that it 
works now, but want to do same in Konqueror.

==> Shortcuts and searches in Konqueror:
Opera allows you to match shortcuts to bookmarks, so that typing just a 
character or two (or whatever you set it up as) in the URL field then 
pressing <return> opens that page. Even better, you can do this with 
searches. For example, I have it set up so that
w kde
searches wikipedia for kde (defaults to download.com search - no 
thanks). Can something similar be done in Konquerer? These features I'm 
asking about are what have led me to use Opera over other browsers, but 
Konquerer's integration as a file manager makes me quite eager to 
switch, assuming I don't have to give up these few features I consider 
vital, all of which center around using the keyboard instead of the mouse.

==> The clock in KDE shows UTC only, and when I go to reset it it seems 
to only have UTC as an option. Endless googling found references to 
timezone bugs in solaris that seemed unrelated, plus one reference to 
this very problem, but it was an old and unanswered post to a newsgroup :(
Now, my lack of linux knowledge shows here: I gather linux gets the 
timezone from which zone /etc/localtime is symlinked to in 
/usr/share/zoneinfo/  - that makes sense. However, I have only GMT 
labeled timezones and kde lists only UTC. They are two terms for the 
same thing, right? I can't figure out where kde keeps timezone info.

Those are the things that have stumped me so far. As said at the top of 
this I'd really like any suggestions on places to look for this kind of 
thing. I haven't found as many resources for information about kde as I 
expected, considering how developed it is, so I suspect I managed to 
miss what is out there. In particular, I need to learn the basics of how 
kde thinks, how/where things are laid out, that kind of foundation 

Thank you in advance for both any answers or suggestions (rtfm is a fine 
suggestion, but please help me FIND tfm), and for your patience with my 
lack of knowledge.

Berkeley CA

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