[kde-linux] Getting things to dock in the tray

John Andersen jsa at pen.homeip.net
Thu Jul 20 07:42:48 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 19 July 2006 23:28, David J Iannucci wrote:
> Reason is: the tray I'm referring to is not IceWM's tray, but KDE's
> (the latter's taskbar sits below the former's).  Would such a function
> as the traying of applets into KDE's own tray be somehow dependent on
> the WM....?  I hope someone with authoritative knowledge can comment...

Actually, that's what I was afraid was happening.  Mixing KDE apps 
which are designed to run with a whole bunch of kde specific stuff
under a window manager that has a different set.

I had similar problem with Xfce4.  Some Gnome apps worked correctly
and some KDE ones just as you saw.  

I've read way more than I can remember on this subject, and I'm still
confused as to which layer is responsible for which part of the 
display process in X.

The whole thing reminds me of the Elephant in the room.  Everybody
works around it, and nobody mentions that the whole Xwindow system
is a huge Kludge with no clear layer boundaries and no hard and fast
rules about who does what.

Sigh.... Flames coming my way, I'm sure....
John Andersen
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