[kde-linux] Getting things to dock in the tray

David J Iannucci xqryvahkzy at punchcutter.ml1.net
Sat Jul 22 00:05:44 UTC 2006

> > Reason is: the tray I'm referring to is not IceWM's tray, but KDE's
> > (the latter's taskbar sits below the former's).  Would such a
> > function as the traying of applets into KDE's own tray be somehow
> > dependent on the WM....?  I hope someone with authoritative
> > knowledge can comment...
> Actually, that's what I was afraid was happening.  Mixing KDE apps
> which are designed to run with a whole bunch of kde specific stuff
> under a window manager that has a different set.

Well, I've been doing some testing for the last couple days, and the
results suggest that you're probably right: it's probably being caused
by using a different WM with KDE.  Bleagh :-(  I've started using kwin,
and configuring it to act like IceWM, and it's not bad.  At this point
there's only one significant feature that I'm missing (maybe just
haven't found it yet), plus the fact that the IceWM theme I like doesn't
exist for KDE.

> I've read way more than I can remember on this subject, and I'm still
> confused as to which layer is responsible for which part of the
> display process in X.
> The whole thing reminds me of the Elephant in the room.  Everybody
> works around it, and nobody mentions that the whole Xwindow system is
> a huge Kludge with no clear layer boundaries and no hard and fast
> rules about who does what.

I know little about X, but all I need to know is that it's a 20+ year
old, huge, complex piece of software which has been twiddled to death
and probably had numerous "features" glommed onto it over the years, to
know the sort of trouble to expect it to have :-/  Well, if we're
optimistic we can hope that the reinvigoration of the X.org project will
result in significant improvements.


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