[kde-linux] [opensuse-factory] SUSE KInfoCenter

Andreas Hanke andreas.hanke at gmx-topmail.de
Sat Dec 2 12:11:51 UTC 2006

Felix Miata schrieb:
> I thought I was imagining things. KInfoCenter is a 2 pane panel with
> various types of information selectable in the left pane that displays
> in the right pane. In various distros, those types take the form of
> applets that are separately selectable via the monitor section of the
> KDE system menu. My 10.0 is one that provides the separate applets. My
> upgrades of factory to RC3 or whatever is there now do not, providing
> only KInfoCenter in the monitor menu.

When I made the report that led to this change, I couldn't imagine that
showing these modules as individual applications is the intended behaviour.

The modules are collected from .desktop files in
$KDEDIR/share/applications/kde. Looking at this directory, I can find a
lot of other .desktop files which are not shown either.

E.g. xserver.desktop has:


This was shown in the menu.

And now, e.g. language.desktop has:


It sounded illogical to me that the former is shown as an individual
item, but the latter is not.

Both are modules that are usually accessed through a ParentApp,
kinfocenter in the first case and kcontrol in the latter case. I was
convinced that showing kinfocenter modules as applications while not
showing kcontrol modules as applications is just an oversight, and I
still think that this change is not the worst idea until someone clearly
states that these modules are intended to be considered as applications
on their own.


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