[kde-linux] SUSE KInfoCenter

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Sat Dec 2 03:00:06 UTC 2006

I thought I was imagining things. KInfoCenter is a 2 pane panel with
various types of information selectable in the left pane that displays
in the right pane. In various distros, those types take the form of
applets that are separately selectable via the monitor section of the
KDE system menu. My 10.0 is one that provides the separate applets. My
upgrades of factory to RC3 or whatever is there now do not, providing
only KInfoCenter in the monitor menu.

I just went to upgrade another box from an earlier factory with the kernel. In my recently used applications menu is the
X-Server applet, which I can open as described, to the individual
applet. However, in the system monitor menu is only the KInfoCenter
option, not the individual applets, which means somewhere along the way
in factory recently some configuration changed. Why did this happen?

How or what can I reconfigure so that the KDE system monitor menu offers
the individual applets instead of KInfoCenter?
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