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Scott Couston - Registration Account alpha096 at tpg.com.au
Tue Dec 5 11:49:36 UTC 2006

We all learn now And I thank you - My experience with mirroring is I
admit to high end servers where you physically had to disengage the dud
drive...but thats a log time ago.

Thanks very much. I might configure my server as such when I upgrade to
new software soon.

Merry Christmas


On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 00:12 -0900, John Andersen wrote:

> On Tuesday 05 December 2006 00:02, Scott Couston - Registration Account wrote:
> > Using RAID 1 is a good idea, however you need to be comfortable in
> > creating it. If you are using SuSe the Yast partition tool will make
> > life a lot easier, however there is much to take into account
> > in mirroring a partition that needs to be researched so that when the
> > first HDD fails you will not have too much trouble utilising its mirror.
> > RAID 1 is easy to create, however in the event you need to use the
> > mirror partition solely comes the time for knowing exactly what to do.
> No, Scott, that is not much of a problem.  Even using software
> raid, if one drive dies, the raid just fails the drive, and boots it out
> and continues to run on the one remaining drive.
> Its so smooth, you run the risk of missing the failure entirely.
> When you add the new replacement drive, the raid just rebuilds
> the array automatically.
> I don't think any of the hardware raid controllers offer much
> unless you are talking big enterprise level servers.  
> Software raid under linux is so reliable, and servers are 
> usually so un-loaded (cpu utilization hovering around 3%)
> that the cost for the controller is better spent on ram.
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