[kde-linux] kmail- cannot start process pop3

dek neidorff kneidorf at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 13:05:34 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I am running Fedora Core 3, KDE 3.3.1 and kmail 1.7.1 . On this
computer, I have qmail/spamassassin/clamav running as the mail server
for my network.  It works just fine.  (Installed via qmailrocks.org) 
Last weekend, mail appeared to stop coming in!  After some digging
around, I found that yum (silly me for having it do automatic updates)
had installed exim.  Stopping exim got mail back into the right place,
but since then on startup (I have kmail set to check mail on startup)
kmail posts the error "cannot start the process pop3".

The netstat -plant command confirms that my pop server is running:
tcp        0      0       *             
     LISTEN      9995/tcpserver

(this is the server that came with qmail)  and in fact, I can telnet
localhost 110 into the server and see my mail there.  My firewall is
not blocking the pop3 access (confirmed by turning it off, briefly)
and hosts.allow and hosts.deny are both empty.

I can access my new mail via pine or squirrelmail, but I'd really
rather be using kmail since I have a lot of stuff archived there. 
Please help me out of this mail stoppage.

Many thanks,


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