[kde-linux] kmail doesn't filter spam with spamassassin

christophe christophe.dr at free.fr
Mon Jul 25 10:29:07 UTC 2005

OK i think i found the problem :
When i run :
spamc <spam 
where spam is a spam file, it issues an output that contains the spam flags. 
(X-Spam-Status: Yes  , X-Spam-Flag: Yes, ....)
So i have these 2 filters in kmail, following the numerous tutorials on the 
internet :
- 1st one is applying /usr/bin/spamc on every mail < 250kB with 'Pipe Through' 
filter action
- 2nd one is detecting the presence of X-Spam-Flag: YES in a message

The kmail documentation 
says : 
Pipe Through

This will feed the message to a program: if the program returns output, the 
entire message (including the headers) will be replaced with this output; if 
the program does not return output or exits with a return code other than 0 
(indicating an error occurred), the message will not change. Specify the full 
path to the program....

And when i send myself a spam message that is said to be a spam when using 
command line, it ends stupidly in my inbox instead of the spam folder. If i 
type 'v' to have its full source, it appears no X-Spam flags or other spam 
flags. Nothing.

My deduction is : kmail is not doing what it should do since there should be 
spam flags in the message headers triggered by the 'Pipe Through' filter 

So there must be a bug in kmail 1.7.1, or there must be something i did wrong.

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