[kde-linux] Choice of RealAudio plugin and application in Konqueror - help page

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jul 15 09:12:13 UTC 2005

On Thursday 14 Jul 2005 21:28, John Hunt wrote:
> On Thursday 14 Jul 2005 21:07, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Hi, John.  I'm running the same 2005LE setup.  In the left-hand column
> > you have the option to play the program in a stand-alone real player,
> > which works fine, and konqueror seems quite happy with it.
> Hi Anne.  Yes, but that option is not available for Radio 3. And if
> konqueror has already started playing using the kaffeine plugin, it is
> probably doomed to crash. (I'm back in Mdk 10.0 at the moment so can't
> check that.)
I find I can get many links working with the stand-alone realplayer, but 
anything that doesn't give me that option will not play.  The problem could 
be with the plugin version.  Have you seen this page?


There are tips and links about getting it working with linux, and also request 


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