[kde-linux] Choice of RealAudio plugin and application in Konqueror

David P James davidpjames at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 03:20:27 UTC 2005

On Thu 14 July 2005 14:22, John Hunt wrote:
> I have some difficulty getting RealAudio streams to play successfully
> in Konqueror. (Mandriva 2005LE, KDE 3.3.2, Konqueror 3.3.2)

These should be doable from the same place, though because of the way 
the Real stream is embedded in a document the 2nd and 3rd may not be 
possible. At any rate, you want to open up Konq's Settings and go to 
File Associations. From the tree list select Audio | x-pn-realaudio. 

> 1. If I visit
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio4_aod.shtml?radio4/makinghistory
> , the audio plays as a plugin, apparently using kaffeine. 
> Unfortunately konqueror invariably crashes afterwards, so I want to
> get it to use a different plugin, nphelix.so, in the hope that it
> will no longer crash. The konqueror plugin config already shows
> nphelix.so is available. (nphelix.so works well in firefox.)
> How do I get konqueror to use the nphelix.so plugin?

Open the Embedding tab and move the NSPlugin to the top of the list (the 
Kaffeine plugin will probably be there right now). That should be 
enough. If the NSPlugin is not there then that is damned odd.

> 2. Alternatively, how could I get the stream to open in a standalone
> application (eg kaffeine) instead of as a plugin?  (That is what
> konqueror 3.2 did in Mdk 10.0, and I like that behaviour.)

Make sure that Kaffeine is at the top of the Application Preference 
Order stack. Then in the Embedding tab check the "Show file in separate 
viewer" radio button. I think this will work but I haven't tried it.

> 3. If I visit
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/science/rams/humanalien.ram ,
> the stream plays successfully in kaffeine.
> How could I get this to play in eg helixplayer instead?

Make sure that Helixplayer is at the top of the Application Preference 
Order stack. Then do the same as above in #2 for the Embedding tab.

Whichever you do press Apply and Konq should apply the new settings but 
you may have to relaunch it.

Hope that helps.
David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
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