[kde-linux] SOLVED: Evolution is a PITA

Pollywog linux-kde at shadypond.com
Tue Dec 27 19:15:36 UTC 2005

On 12/27/2005 04:12 am, Ernie Schroder wrote:

> Glad I could help with the email issue. As far as running Mepis on your
> laptop, I would bet that the CD drive on that machine is very slow which
> would slow things down a lot. If Debian is working for you, I would guess
> that it would probably be marginally faster than Mepis.  I never cared for
> Deb myself. I tried it a couple of times 5 or 6 years ago and never got all
> of my hardware up and running.

Debian's hardware detection is better now than 6 yrs ago.  I had two machines 
running Debian but something happened the very day Sarge was released that 
made Debian useless on these two machines, it appeared to be related to my 
hard drives.  I installed Xandros 3 and both machines were able to run on it.

Xandros would not install on the old ThinkPad but Debian Sarge did install.
It's rather slow but it is useable.   I think the Xandros lilo is a problem in 
some machines.  I would try Mepis on an older desktop, but I think I should 
stick with what works on the ThinkPad.

> I run Gentoo now and although Gentoo isn't 
> an install for the meek, it can be quite fast on an older machine, once it
> is installed, because you have more control over what is put on your
> machine. Unless you have a fast desktop to compile apps for the laptop,
> you're talking 3 or 4 days, maybe more, to install Gentoo with X and KDE on
> your machine

I would never try Gentoo on this old laptop, I think it would take a week to 
install it and one week might be optimistic.  It took a day to install 

Xandros is a quick install, I think it installs much faster than XP on the 
same machine (no not on the old laptop) because it does not install all the 
stuff that Debian will install.  Linspire is also a very fast install.  Both 
Linspire and Xandros have customized KDE's and one has to be careful about 
installing packages from other sources.  I learned that the hard way the 
first time I tried Xandros and Linspire.

My first Linux was Caldera OpenLinux and I would not now touch anything from 
Caldera with a ten-foot pole.


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