[kde-linux] parental control / limiting session active time / kdmctl list

Jorma Laaksonen jorma.laaksonen at hut.fi
Mon Dec 26 22:19:49 UTC 2005


I should implement some parental control / session time division
mechanism in our home PC for kids.  We have agreed upon some daily
hardlimit for each user's active session time.  A series of questions

1) Does KDE / Linux contain a mechanism for limiting the time a
user may be logged in or having her session unlocked ?

If not, then

2) Does KDE / Linux have a mechanism for measuring the time a
kdm session has been active / unlocked ?

If not, then

3) Would it be possible to include more information in the output from
"kdmctl list" ?  It now reports with * the display/session that invoked
that command.  I would be more interested to know which display/session
is currently the active one, ie. the one really being displayed.  If the
displayed session is locked, that should be reported too.  I could then
implement a daemon which would regularly check if any one session is
unlocked and being displayed.  Then, that user's "session time quota"
would be debited and if the daily quota were exceeded the session 
would be forced to lock.

I'm currently running kdebase3-3.4.0-28.2 in SuSE-9.3.

Any suggestions or comments?


Jorma Laaksonen

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