[kde-linux] SOLVED: Evolution is a PITA

Pollywog linux-kde at shadypond.com
Tue Dec 27 01:08:44 UTC 2005

On 12/27/2005 12:55 am, Ernie Schroder wrote:

> I removed evolution from my box and when I clicked my email link, nothing
> happened (not unexpected) Did some more googling and I found a solution in
> of all places, the Mepis forums. The solution is to append the line:
> pref("network.protocol-handler.app.mailto","/usr/kde/3.5/bin/kmail");
> to
> /opt/firefox/defaults/pref/firefox.js
> close and re-open firefox, and you're good to go.
> If you're set up to use another email client, you may see the path to your
> current client. If so remove or edit that line.

Coincidentally, I just today tried SimplyMepis on an old laptop that has 
Debian installed and concluded I should just keep Debian.  Mepis won't run 
any faster on that old dinosaur of a laptop.

Thanks for the info on how to fix the mail situation.  I have the same 
problem.  I will try that fix and make a note of it somewhere because I know 
I will need it later.


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