[kde-linux] Evolution is a PITA

Pollywog linux-kde at shadypond.com
Mon Dec 26 22:47:53 UTC 2005

On 12/26/2005 09:59 pm, Ernie Schroder wrote:
> I've recently added some apps that brought in Evolution. Evo seems to have
> taken over my machine and wants to become my default email app. When I
> click an email link in firefox, I get a composer window and evolution pops
> up. How can I change it back to kmail? I've been through the file manager,
> but can't find "mail to" or any email apps under html. It would seem that
> this feature is missing or moved in KDE-3.5

I wonder if perhaps Mango Parfait has answered that one in "TUX".
I have all the issues and I will have a look, I think there was somthing about 
that in the most recent issue.


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