[kde-linux] Moving the home folder to a netware volume with KDE

Nick Chackowsky chackowsky.nick at brandonsd.mb.ca
Mon Dec 5 19:54:16 UTC 2005

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<kde-linux at kde.org> on Monday, December 05, 2005 at 9:54 AM -0600 wrote:
>> In short, is there a way to somehow, once KDE is up and running,
>> globally switch the user's home directory to some other location?
>No, because KDE is up and running thus its environment can not be altered.
>The environment can be altered during startup, i.e, when startkde is
>by adding files to a special subdirectory of KDE's installation prefix
>(/usr/env when KDE is installed into /usr)
>> I've also tried mounting the netware server BEFORE KDE starts (using
>> runlevel 3). That is, I login as user linux, ncpmount the network, then
>> do export HOME="new home directory" (no nice graphical system in
>> this case). Again, so far, so good. BUT, I can't launch KDE. I think
>> the trouble is that KDE wants to create two files called
>> .DCOPserver_silver__0 and symlink  .DCOPserver_silver_:0 in the home
>> directory.
>I think the second one is for backwards compatability and not strictly

All right. In this case, I'd go for the 2nd option. Mount the netware
volumes, build appropriate symlinks, change HOME to reflect the user's
netware home directory, PREVENT KDE from trying to create
.DCOPserver_whatever_:0 (the symlink), and startkde. It's that middle part
that's got me, though. I've looked for /usr/env and /opt/kde/env
(Slackware puts KDE in /opt), and even did a find / -name env -mount; the
only env I can find is the executable /usr/bin/env. My next search will be
in the startkde script... if you can suggest other places to look, please
& thank-you!

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