[kde-linux] Moving the home folder to a netware volume with KDE

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Mon Dec 5 20:24:25 UTC 2005

On Monday 05 December 2005 20:54, Nick Chackowsky wrote:

> All right. In this case, I'd go for the 2nd option. Mount the netware
> volumes, build appropriate symlinks, change HOME to reflect the user's
> netware home directory, PREVENT KDE from trying to create
> .DCOPserver_whatever_:0 (the symlink), and startkde. It's that middle part
> that's got me, though. I've looked for /usr/env and /opt/kde/env
> (Slackware puts KDE in /opt), and even did a find / -name env -mount; the
> only env I can find is the executable /usr/bin/env. My next search will be
> in the startkde script... if you can suggest other places to look, please
> & thank-you!

It very likely doesn't exist yet, distribution packages do usually not create 
empty subdirectories.

Files in the env directory are sourced by the startkde script, so actually 
they don't need to be scripts themselves, but they need to have the .sh 

However I am not sure this is going to work in all cases. Software might use 
the system API do determine the home directory and not read $HOME

Maybe you find a way to mount over the real home directory even when not usin 
pam-mount in case you can't use that


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