[kde-linux] New monitor, "out of range" in KDE

Erik Ohls eohls at welho.com
Wed Aug 31 11:22:04 UTC 2005

onsdagen den 31 augusti 2005 09:17 skrev Marci O'Daffer:
> Hello,
> I just got a new LCD monitor (ViewSonic VA721) and it works great until
> I log in to KDE, then I get a blank screen, with a message "Out Of
> Range". If I log into GNOME (which I prefer not to) then it works fine.

This sounds peculiar: I always thought the syncronization ranges were set by X 
and not by KDE or Gnome. But I'm no expert.

> Since I can't log in to KDE, I can't change settings in the GUI, I must
> do it in a config file or from the terminal window. It was suggested
> that I check for a .cfg file in /etc/X11, and adjust the hsync and vsync
> to the same as the monitor -- however there is no file with that
> extension in that folder,

The file you should look for is probably xorg.conf (or possibly XF86Config).
Look for the section "Monitor" and you'll find the lines starting with 
"HorizSync" and "VertRefresh".
> nor is there any indication in my monitor's 
> user manual of what it's hsync and vsync settings are.

One minute's Googling indicates that your monitor's vertical synchronization 
range is 50 - 85 Hz and horizontal synchronization range 30 - 80 kHz, 
which means that the lines in xorg.conf should read:
    HorizSync 50-85
    VertRefresh 30-80


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