[kde-linux] New monitor, "out of range" in KDE

Marci O'Daffer marci at kalico.net
Wed Aug 31 06:17:39 UTC 2005

I just got a new LCD monitor (ViewSonic VA721) and it works great until 
I log in to KDE, then I get a blank screen, with a message "Out Of 
Range". If I log into GNOME (which I prefer not to) then it works fine. 
Since I can't log in to KDE, I can't change settings in the GUI, I must 
do it in a config file or from the terminal window. It was suggested 
that I check for a .cfg file in /etc/X11, and adjust the hsync and vsync 
to the same as the monitor -- however there is no file with that 
extension in that folder, nor is there any indication in my monitor's 
user manual of what it's hsync and vsync settings are. The only file I 
found in /etc/X11 that even contained the text "hsync" or "vsync"  is 
called fb.mode. But I don't know what it does exactly, so I dont' want 
to make any changes.  I am not sure what other information might be 
helpful to give. I am a newbie to linux and kde.

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips.

Marci :)

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