[kde-linux] New monitor, "out of range" in KDE

Merton Campbell Crockett mcc at CATO.GD-AIS.COM
Wed Aug 31 13:47:49 UTC 2005

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Erik Ohls wrote:

> onsdagen den 31 augusti 2005 09:17 skrev Marci O'Daffer:
> > Hello,
> > I just got a new LCD monitor (ViewSonic VA721) and it works great until
> > I log in to KDE, then I get a blank screen, with a message "Out Of
> > Range". If I log into GNOME (which I prefer not to) then it works fine.
> This sounds peculiar: I always thought the syncronization ranges were set by X 
> and not by KDE or Gnome. But I'm no expert.

It's an interaction between the KDE Display Manager (kdm) and the X server 
that is creating your problem.  I had a similar problem with a ViewSonic 
VP201m when I upgraded to SuSE 9.3.

There appears to be an assumption that when probed the monitor will return 
the maximum resolution that it is capable of supporting.  The VP201m only 
returned the current geometry.

In the 'Section "Screen"' of the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, I had to make 
sure that the only 'Modes' lines present were for the screen geometry that 
I wanted to use.  In the 'Section "Modes"', I had to remove all 'Modeline' 
statements except the one that I wanted to use.

As I had an nVidia graphics adapter, I found that I needed to replace the 
Xorg driver with one from nVidia.

Merton Campbell Crockett  

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