[kde-linux] Different .kde files for different hosts

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Tue Aug 30 10:55:44 UTC 2005

On Monday 29 August 2005 21:58, Manuel Amador wrote:
> KDEHOME is the wrong variable for this.  Use KDEDIRS and
> a /etc/profile.d script if you want to achieve layered configuration
> based on host name, or the moon phase.

It depends if you want it layered or as alternatives.
Sometimes you want to have independent directories, for example when being in 
the unfortunate situation of having to use two different versions of KDE.

Anyway, if one wants to add variable to the environment, there is (since 
KDE3.2 if I remember correctly) the option of having the KDE start script 
"startkde" read other scripts, like bash reading .bashrc

The following command creates a list of the directories where startkde will 
kde-config --path exe | sed s#bin#env#g

File in there with the extension .sh (don't have to be executable) will be 
"sourced" in startkde

The directory list always includes a directory within the KDE installation 
prefix and one in the user's KDEHOME, thus allowing global and local 

For example expanding KDEDIRS for all users could be done like that:

- switch to the directory where KDE is installed (kde-config --prefix)
- if necessary create subdirectory "env"
- switch into "env" and create a file ending in .sh, for example kdedirs.sh
- edit the file to contain a line like this:
export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIRS:/additional/kde/directory

More information about KDE's environment variables and directory structure can 
be found in the Sysadmin area on th KDE website:



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