[kde-linux] konqueror and davfs2

Guido Guenther agx at sigxcpu.org
Tue Aug 30 08:50:02 UTC 2005

When using konqueror on a davfs share (mounted via davfs2, not using the
webdav:// kio slave) it takes a long time until a directories content is
being displayed since konqueror stats every file and reads the beginning
of every file to determine it's mime type (actually this is not done by
konqueror itself, but by the file kio slave I think).
Is there an easy way to turn of this behaviour and simply display the
directory listing (probably simpley based on the file extension or even
only "plain white sheets"). It be fine if konqueror would figure out the
mime information in the background (as it does with the preview), but
that's not even necessary.
If this isn't available where would be the right place to implement
this, i'm a bit lost in the konq_iconview.cc atm.
Any help appreciated,
 -- Guido

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