[kde-linux] Time to upgrade KDEPrint

Andrew Kar akar3d at yahoo.com.au
Thu Aug 11 16:46:57 UTC 2005

On Thursday 11 August 2005 13:41, Sagara Wijetunga wrote:
> Hi all
> It seems http://printing.kde.org/ is dead. If it is
> live, please consider to update it for the benefit of
> the public. We are proudly approaching KDE 4.0, right?

It doesn't need updating, it was finished a long time ago and it achives its 
purpose which was to create a uniform interface for all linux printing so 
that it didn't matter what print system your distro was using. The only cause 
for new development may be to write a new plugin if a new printing standard 
comes along but linux has pretty much standardised on CUPs nowadays and Lpr 
etc already have plugins.

You can access the manual at:
or just type help:/kdeprint in any konqueror window.

> I tried to browse the KDEPrint Handbook, it says **You
> don't have permission to access
> /development/en/kdebase/kdeprint/ on this server.**

> Please note, end users do not like to read too much of
> theory or text. They need direct HowTos to quickly
> configure a printer and print what they need.
> Appreciate if you guys could include separate HowTos:
> 1. How to configure a printer to the parallel port/USB
> port
> 2. How to configure a printer using a remote Printer
> Server

All this is simple. Just start the kde print manager and a wizard guides you 
through adding a local or network printer and choosing the printer. It is 
easier even than MS. Dont read the manual unless you want to add special 
filters etc otherwise it may just confuse you. Try the wizard first.
For non KDE apps just go to the print setup where they take the print command 
(usually lpr) and type in kprinter and you will have a full gui dialog with 
scheduling, properties, filters etc.

> Please also note, documentation should be good enough
> for home/office user to print on Laser as well as
> InkJet printers. And it also should be good enough for
> professional photographers to print on high-end Inkjet
> printers. Audience we should target is the end users
> not the geeks like us.

????? What are you talking about? The KDE documentation is very professionally 
presented and Graphically designed and all KDE output (all linux actually) is 
postscript so it will print at whatever the printer is capable of ie 300 or 
1200 or 2400 or 9600dpi etc. As for Inkjets automatic installs will install a 
multipurpose driver. If they want to print photographs they need to change 
the dpi and paper type settings just like in windows or preferably set up 2 
print queues; One with 600dpi basic black driver for letters etc and another 
queue to the same printer but using a gimpprint 4 or 6 colour at 1440 or 

> We need to fix these type of hurdles
???  I think you need to try another ditribution or learn how to use yours 
before you make some of these comments. Any good distro sets up a printer 
usually automatically during install. There are certainly areas that require 
work in linux but printing is not one of them (except in some minor cases) 
setting up printers is now simpler than in Windows plus we have the advantage 
normal and enhanced capability graphic (gimp print) drvrs for most printers


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