[kde-linux] Time to upgrade KDEPrint

Sagara Wijetunga sagaralists at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 03:41:52 UTC 2005

Hi all

It seems http://printing.kde.org/ is dead. If it is
live, please consider to update it for the benefit of
the public. We are proudly approaching KDE 4.0, right?

I tried to browse the KDEPrint Handbook, it says **You
don't have permission to access
/development/en/kdebase/kdeprint/ on this server.**

The General FAQ goes to CUPS FAQ. But CUPS FAQ is
sadly in German.

The screenshots are pretty Jurassic.

No HowTos!

Please note, end users do not like to read too much of
theory or text. They need direct HowTos to quickly
configure a printer and print what they need. 

Appreciate if you guys could include separate HowTos:
1. How to configure a printer to the parallel port/USB
2. How to configure a printer using a remote Printer

Please also note, documentation should be good enough
for home/office user to print on Laser as well as
InkJet printers. And it also should be good enough for
professional photographers to print on high-end Inkjet
printers. Audience we should target is the end users
not the geeks like us.

We need to fix these type of hurdles to bring
Linux/KDE to masses to save them from being victims of
monopoly. The beauty of resistant viruses and
efficiency of Linux/KDE is still hampered by usability

The http://printing.kde.org/ should be the

Good Luck.

Kind Regards


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