[kde-linux] Time to switch to gnome?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Wed Aug 10 07:14:26 UTC 2005

Thomas Taylor wrote:
> I'll give it one last try.
> After three attempts to get help from this list or kde.org without results, 
> I'm about ready to switch to gnome.
> I am UNABLE to print from ANY KDE application (kmail, kate, kword).  BUT, I am 
> able to print from non-kde apps (abiword, firefox) without problems.  
> I have two printers, an Epson Stylus Photo 2200 and a Brother HL-1440.  These 
> are connected to a 2port network print server (Netgear PS110).  
> Original configuration was using system-config-printer with both printers set 
> up as lpr queues.  Both printers work properly in command line and under 
> gnome but not under kde apps.
> I keep getting the message "The MIME type application/postscript is not 
> supported as input of the filter chain. Do you want KDE to convert the file 
> to a supported format?".  This never happened under kde 3.2 versions.
> No matter what I try, it will not print.  Why is kde sending it out as 
> postscript to the filters?  I need to print many documents and email messages 
> and am getting fed up with cut and paste into an abiword document in order to 
> print.

Sorry, I must have missed your posting.  KDE doesn't totally support 
LPR, but if you have it set up correctly (which you apparently do since 
it works with GNOME) it should work.

Open: "peripherals -> Printers" and at the bottom select for:

	"Print System Currently Used": LPR/LPRng Print System

Then your printer should show up as icons in the top window.  Select 
each and under the "Properties" tab to see that it found the correct: 
"Printer Name" & "Location".

Now when you print, the dialog box should pop up and you need to select 
the printer: "Name" in the list box and click: "Print".  A little 
message box should pop up saying that the job was sent to the printer.

If you can't get it to work, please giver more details as to exactly 
where it fails.  I presume that you get the error message when you click 
the: "Print" button.

Also, can you "Print to File (PostScipt)"

I use GNUlpr and have never had any problem except that some of the 
features are missing and it doesn't display the print queue.


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