[Kde-imaging] Slideshow dialog

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Tue Oct 17 10:15:58 CEST 2006

> I'm not favorable to use Qt designer actually :
> - Qt designer is dedicaced to create complex GUI, not a very simple dialog 
> layout like we have in SlideShow. 
> - Qt 3.x designer code is not clean. Qt 4.0 will improve that.
> - Dialog code already exist. No need to re-create it. There is a risk to 
> introduce some new bugs. Fixing the existing bugs is a priority.
> - There is some problems between .ui file and Automake. This will fixed 
> normally with CMake.
Well we have a lot of ui files in by now, and we've no problems with automake.
the problem we had last time were fixes so I don't get why an easy to
maintain GUI should worst than a designed from scratch one.
> This is just my viewpoint. Sorry for this sounds wrong, but this is my 
> experience using Qt designer. In all kipi-plugins, digiKam and 
> DigikamImagePlugins, i never use Qt designer. I prefer to code gui layout 
> from scratch. It's more clean and more easy to debug/understand.
I believe it's up to maintainer choosing the way he prefers, but
I also believe that it's easier to help in fixing a well designed plugin
when a maintainer can't go on with his work or leaves....
> To resume: i recommend you to switch gui implementation when we will port 
> plugins to Qt 4.0, not before. Normally this will be more easy to do (i hope 
> (:=)))
Well why not to start before then? It should be easier when that step must
be done, IMO.

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