[Kde-imaging] About ImagesGallery plugin

Gerhard Kulzer gerhard at kulzer.net
Tue Feb 7 01:59:38 CET 2006

Am Dienstag, 7. Februar 2006 00:01 schrieb Aurelien Gateau:
> Hello,
> I originally announced I would work on ImagesGallery plugin this weekend,
> but real life decided other way :-(.
> Nevertheless, I have been thinking about it, especially about making it
> simpler.
> Here is my proposal:
> * 1st page: Album selection
> No change
> * 2nd page: Look
> Instead of individual settings like colors, fonts and border sizes, provide
> a list of CSS-based templates. This would have several advantages:
> - Simpler selection
> - Would make it possible to produce much nicer galleries
> - Easily extendable
Hello Aurélien,
I'm a digikam manual writer with Gilles and do here and there small 
improvements in the user interface. I also worked on the kipi-plugin manuals. 
Since some time ago I try to come up with a better imagesgallery export 
rendering, in particular on the CSS part. So far I've achieved a floating 
design (instead of fixed columns) and a soft drop-shadow 
It works in konqueror and firefox. Must still be verified with W3C, Safari 
and IE6.

I fully agree with the idea of using CSS templates for different styles. They 
could be easily enhanced like the digiKam themes for example.


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