[Kde-imaging] About ImagesGallery plugin

Aurelien Gateau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Tue Feb 7 22:46:41 CET 2006

Le Mardi 7 Février 2006 01:59, Gerhard Kulzer a écrit :
> So far I've achieved a
> floating design (instead of fixed columns) and a soft drop-shadow

Nice! a floating design is something I would like to implement.

> I fully agree with the idea of using CSS templates for different styles.
> They could be easily enhanced like the digiKam themes for example.

Absolutely. Only difference is that I was not thinking about a CSS file only, 
but about "themes": a theme would provide three HTML file templates: album 
list, album content, and image view. It could also provide CSS files and 
extra images as well.


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