Translation building instructions

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Tue May 16 23:14:27 BST 2023

El dissabte, 13 de maig de 2023, a les 23:56:47 (CEST), Enol P. va escriure:
> Hi everyone,
> Long time ago I made an script to build ast locale translations but I've
> lost it, and I forgot all commands to execute. However, I couldn't find any
> information about this online. 
> I appreciate if someone can send me all necessary instructions to build
> translations.

The "canonical" way to do this is

* Be in the dir that contains your language folder, for this example ca
* ~/path/to/l10n-scripty/ ca
* cd ca
* cmake .
* make 
* make install

If you want to ovewrite your distro translations (be careful) 
to the cmake call and you will need su/sudo for the make install part.


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