A question about the function of kf5 trunk now

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Mon Apr 3 10:18:03 BST 2023

giovanni ha scritto:
> Hi everybody,
> Sorry for beeing a little bit confused, so I ask.
> Since a few times ago it was, for me, quite clear that:
> Trunk Kf5 : was the branch for developers or developing
> StableKf5 : was the branch for the stable version
> Plus LTS variants for the LTS versions
> Now, with the introduction of Kf6 we have:
> Trunk Kf6 : the branch for developing
> StableKf5 : the stable and LTS for kf5
> So, what is the function of Trunk Kf5 now?
> I see a lot of changes has been done on this branch, so how does it affect the
> translations that have to be done?

trunk_kf5 is the development branch for everything which is based on KF5.

trunk_kf6 is the development branch for everything which is based on KF6.

Most of stuff are on trunk_kf5. Plasma development switched completely to

Frameworks development is on trunk_kf6 too, but its KF5 releases are still
happening from trunk_kf5, even though bugfixes without releases, and this is
not going to change.

Most everything else is on KF5, and KF5-based releases are going on for a
while, for sure throughout all 2023 and probably later.

This same pattern happened in the kdelibs4 -> KF5 transition, but that one
lasted longer (it took more than 4 years to port everything, this transition
is expected to be way shorter as the huge refactoring happened with the
splitting of kdelibs).


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