A question about the function of kf5 trunk now

giovanni g.sora at tiscali.it
Mon Apr 3 09:50:23 BST 2023

Hi everybody,

Sorry for beeing a little bit confused, so I ask.

Since a few times ago it was, for me, quite clear that:

Trunk Kf5 : was the branch for developers or developing

StableKf5 : was the branch for the stable version

Plus LTS variants for the LTS versions

Now, with the introduction of Kf6 we have:

Trunk Kf6 : the branch for developing

StableKf5 : the stable and LTS for kf5

So, what is the function of Trunk Kf5 now?

I see a lot of changes has been done on this branch, so how does it 
affect the translations that have to be done?

Thanx for anything that can clear my confusion,



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