Belarusian 4 plural forms

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Aug 29 23:56:48 BST 2022

El divendres, 26 d’agost de 2022, a les 10:29:57 (CEST), Antikruk va escriure:
> Fractional numbers are the simplest example of using the fourth form.  It is
> used not only for them.  I've only translated a few files so far, so I
> can't tell if there are cases in the project where the fourth form is
> needed.

Can you describe when each of the 4 plural forms are used?

> The platform is not self-sufficient, there is a need to use
> third-party tools for translation. 

Which platform?

> They adhere to the cldr standard. 

What do you mean by "they"?

> I'm using Crowdin, there's no way to change the number of forms for an 
existing language. 

That seems like maybe it's a Crowdin problem? 

> Therefore, I will have to do a lot of unnecessary work to fix
> the files.  I also see that 4 forms are used in other Kde languages. 
> Therefore, I ask you to provide the opportunity to upload files with 4
> forms.  Perhaps in some component it will be needed, or such a need will
> appear in the future.

All the language files for a given translation have to use the same number of 
plural forms. Will you update all the existing Belarusian files to use 4 plural 


> 26 жніўня 2022 г. 07:17:49 UTC, "Māris Nartišs" <maris.kde at> піша:
> >What Albert is trying to say is – although you can translate sentences
> >to the fourth form, they will never be used as code function
> >performing actual translation (replacing English string with
> >Belarusian one) accepts only integers thus 4th form will never appear
> >to the end user. Implementing float support for translatable strings
> >would require a rewrite of Qt and KDE. Thus having 4 forms in
> >translation files makes no sense for you.
> >
> >Māris.
> >
> >piektd., 2022. g. 26. aug., plkst. 07:34 — lietotājs Antikruk
> >
> >(<nashtlumach at>) rakstīja:
> >> I understand what You wrote. I don't understand the problem. Cldr
> >> standard for Belarusian - 4 forms. Non integer numbers - example where
> >> the fourth form can be used. I participated in many projects on many
> >> platforms - Crowdin, Weblate, Transifex, Damned lies (Gnome), One Sky.
> >> There were no problems anywhere, 4 forms are used for Belarusian. When
> >> creating a project, 4 forms are automatically generated for Belarusian.
> >> So I don't understand why you don't want to use cldr standart.

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