Review process for translations

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Thu Apr 28 21:53:30 BST 2022

Frederik Schwarzer ha scritto:

> Oh and another thing. You seem to be using Pology quite a bit. (You 
> are even the last person to communicate on the mailing list. ;)) ... I 
> am a bit concerned about switching over to a more Pology-driven 
> workflow since it seem a bit unmaintained. It's still written in Python 
> 2, the website contains dead links etc. ... Do you know of any 
> activity in these regards?

There is a python3 branch but it's not working yet. The main problem is that
there is quite a few base code in pology which was written to properly deal
with unicode strings in python2, which is the main change when porting to
python3, and which should either be adapted or ripped out. That's what makes
the porting complicated, but any help is appreciated.


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