Review process for translations

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzer at
Thu Apr 28 21:46:48 BST 2022

On Sunday, April 24, 2022 11:32:32 AM CEST Karl Ove Hufthammer wrote:
> Thiago Masato Costa Sueto skreiv 24.04.2022 08:50:
> > Back when Phabricator used to show SVN commits (and in a very neat
> > fashion in fact), after I got commit access, I'd usually mention
> > my
> > commits in the group so the other more experienced translators
> > would check if there were any issues in my translations, it
> > rendered some very nice feedback.
> If we moved the translations from SVN to Git, we would get a similar
> functionality. With, one can add and review ?merge
> requests? (i.e., translation updates). It?s also possible to add
> comments (on individual lines) in completed commits.

Hi Karl,

thanks for your extensive explanations abour your worflow.

Yes, is what I would like to try. The problem I see 
there is the merge to master itself when the master file was changed by 
Scripty durcing the review. I suspect breakage to happen there.

However, currently I have a personal Git repo on invent with the 
summit PO files of our team. That repo needs to be updated manually so 
I could make sure all merge requests are merged before doing any 
syncing between the SVN and the Git versions of the files.

What is holding me back a bit is this syncing step being manual. If I 
do not have time to handle it for weeks, our files become outdated. 
Also I would need to document the process and write good scripts for 
it so other people could jump in without reinventing the wheel in case 
I cannot do the work anymore.

So currently I am weighing between simplifying the process back to 
plain mailing list or introducing quite some extra complexity in order 
to have a review process in place.

Oh and another thing. You seem to be using Pology quite a bit. (You 
are even the last person to communicate on the mailing list. ;)) ... I 
am a bit concerned about switching over to a more Pology-driven 
workflow since it seem a bit unmaintained. It's still written in Python 
2, the website contains dead links etc. ... Do you know of any 
activity in these regards?


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