Plural forms in Georgian language (Amarok)

Shinjo Park kde at
Tue Apr 26 19:46:15 BST 2022

2022년 4월 26일 화요일 오전 12시 13분 48초 CEST에 Albert Astals Cid 님이 쓴 글:
> Are they?
> My pattern matching for non latin characters may be failing but
> კალათში 1 X-ია.
> კალათში 2 X-ია.
> seem to be the same characters, no?

For cardinal there is only n = 1 and you're right. For ordinal there are i = 
1, i = 0 or i % 100 = 2..20,40,60,80. Also the characters for 3 pairs looks 
quite different from my side:


That's why I asked whether the change of plural-forms is necessary because of 
this difference in ordinal. If not, then the current form should be okay as 
cardinals seems the same.

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