Plural forms in Georgian language (Amarok)

Shinjo Park kde at
Sat Apr 23 21:30:08 BST 2022

Previous related discussion in this list:

The latter message mentions:
> In KDE translations we have decided that
>  kcoreaddons5_qt.po is the master file for Qt/tr based translations
>  ki18n5.po is the master file for KDE/i18n/gettext based translations

What is included in CLDR for Georgian:

From my understanding, the plural form of cardinal and ordinal (as used in 
CLDR) are different so the plural form as suggested by Poedit "Plural-Forms: 
nplurals=1; plural=0;\n" is not correct? Then I think following CLDR is right 

2022년 4월 23일 토요일 오후 3시 1분 30초 CEST에 Zurab Kargareteli 님이 쓴 글:
> As requested by Albert Astals Cid let's discuss this issue.
> The plural forms in these cases is not correct for Georgian language.
> "The plural suffix is not used when the noun is preceded by a quantifier of
> some kind, such as a cardinal number. Therefore, for example, "five men" in
> Georgian is expressed as, "xuti (5) k'atsi," not "xuti k'atsebi.""
> Is copied from here:
> For example in Amarok:
> English
> Singular: 1 minute
> Plural: 5 minutes
> Georgian
> Singular: 1 წუთი ( 1 tsuti )
> Plural: 5 წუთი ( 5 tsuti )
> As for the "Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
> Poedit is doing it by default for Georgian language. If you think I should
> change it, OK I'll do it.

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